Study Leave Permit Process

After attending lectures for at least one semester students can take time off from college or postpone all registration and lecturing activities within a certain semester. To obtain a leave permit, interested students must submit an application letter for college leave addressed to the Chancellor through the Head of the Bureau of Academic, Student Affairs, Planning, Information and Cooperation, stating strong reasons. For each of the reasons mentioned, whether due to economic difficulties, illness or other reasons, students must attach a relevant certificate from the authorized officer. After this application letter is approved, interested students can request a Tracking Process Card (KPP) from the Registration and Statistics Sub-Division to be processed to the department, faculty, PNBP Subdivision and UPT Library. The tracing process file that has been completely filled is returned to the Sub Division of Registration and Statistics accompanied by attachments in the form of: student card or ID Card, and free loan letter. Furthermore, these students will receive a Certificate of Study Leave (SKCK). What is important to know is that the student concerned must obtain approval from the Head of the Department and the Deputy Dean I no later than one month before the semester to be left starts. These students are basically exempted from the obligation to pay tuition fees during college leave. Arrangements for college leave can be started at the end of the semester followed until no later than two semesters that will be postponed running.

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