Certificate Services

UM serves students who need a certificate. There are two kinds of certificates, namely a Still in College Statement and a UM Student Certificate.

The form of Still in College Statement (SPMK) is determined by the State Civil Service Administration Agency (BAKN). This letter can be used by parents of students who are civil servants / retirees to get child support for their sons / daughters who have passed the age limit of 21 to 23 years, are not married but are still in college. Students who need this certificate can request an SPMK sheet for those who have registered administration in the current semester in the Registration and Statistics subdivision by submitting KTR, proof of payment of tuition fees in the semester concerned, and a photocopy of KP4 from the student's parent agency concerned, or Photocopy of Karip (Pension Identity Card) or SK for retirement if the parents of the student have recently retired.

A certificate of being registered as a UM student is usually required by students for various matters, for example: To obtain this information, students can ask the Registration and Statistics Sub-Section by showing their identity card as a registered student at UM, and not in the status of losing their study rights.

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