Process of Moving Students from Outside UM

Students from outside UM can apply for transfer to UM and can be considered after fulfilling the terms and conditions in the form of: study program from college has a minimum / equivalent value of accreditation or above with the intended or desired study program, has been participating continuously in the original program at least -at least four semesters, undergraduate students have accumulated a minimum of 60 credits and a maximum of 100 credits with a minimum GPA of 2.75, the availability of educational places, facilities and infrastructure in the intended study program, transfer of credits that allow completion of studies, and have passed the selection academic program held by the intended study program.

In the moving application procedure, students are required to apply for a transfer in writing with a strong reason for the move addressed to the UM Chancellor with copies of the Dean of the faculty and the Head of the intended Department / Study Program along with attachments. The attachments referred to are the KHS per semester and the GPA statement validated by the original university; temporary transfer certificate from the original university; letter of consent from parents / guardians for students who are dependents; a letter of recommendation from the faculty of origin stating that the person concerned is a student of good character and has never violated the rules of law, as well as not losing his study rights due to not meeting the academic requirements of the original university (drop out); letter of decision to move from parents / husband / wife for students who apply for moving because the work unit has moved the parent / husband / wife's place of work, in addition to a study permit from the competent superior for students who are already working.

After the student is declared accepted, then by the UM Rector and the Head of the AKPIK Bureau, an Acceptance Certificate (SKTD) is made to the student concerned with copies to the Chancellor of the home university, the Dean of the Faculty and the Head of the intended Department, as well as the Head of the Registration Sub Division and UM Statistics. It should be noted that the deadline for submitting a moving application is two weeks prior to the administrative registration period for non-high school input according to the academic calendar, and cannot be considered if it exceeds the deadline, and must pay a registration fee equal to the price of the SNMPTN registration form. Furthermore, after receiving the SKTD, the student concerned must immediately carry out administrative registration in the Sub Division of Registration and Statistics by bringing the requirements to meet the conditions and activities as in the registration process for non-high school entry and transfer new students.

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