The Process of Moving Students within UM

Students within UM can apply to move to a lower education program or transfer study programs at the same level within the same faculty / postgraduate or outside the faculty. In the process of moving, there are several conditions or requirements that must be met, namely having participated continuously in the original program for at least four semesters, the availability of educational places, facilities and infrastructure in the intended study program, and the possibility of completing the study in accordance the time required, in addition to passing the academic selection held by the intended study program.

In the moving application procedure, students are required to apply for a transfer in writing with good reasons, addressed to the Dean of the intended faculty with copies to the Chancellor and Head of the intended department / study program accompanied by an attached photocopy of KHS for each semester and a GPA statement approved by the Head of the Academic Bureau , Student Affairs, Planning, Information, and Cooperation, and a certificate of temporary permission to move from the Dean and Chair of the original department / study program, in addition to a letter of approval to move study programs from direct supervisors for those who work or sponsors for those who are sponsored by the sponsor After being declared accepted, the Dean of the receiving faculty will then make a Certificate of Approval of Acceptance (SKPD) addressed to the student concerned with copies to the Chancellor, Dean and / or Head of the department / study program of origin, Head of the Bureau of Academic, Student Affairs, Planning, Information and Cooperation. , Head of Sub Division of Registration and Statistics, and PA lecturers from the student concerned, as well as the parents / guardians concerned. Furthermore, after the SKPD recipient student must immediately complete the administrative process to the Registration and Statistics Sub-Section by bringing the original SKPD, and student card and other necessary information. It should be noted that the deadline for submitting a moving application is one week before the consultation period for the preparation of a study plan according to the provisions of the academic calendar, and if it exceeds the deadline, the transfer application cannot be processed further.

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