Movements Out of UM

UM students can apply to move or leave UM. For this purpose, interested students must submit a letter of request to move or leave UM addressed to the Chancellor along with the reasons for moving. This letter must be accompanied by a photocopy of the Study Result Card (KHS) during college and a certificate of acceptance at the destination university. After this letter arrives at the Academic and Evaluation Subdivision, the student can request a three-sheet Tracking Process Card (KPP) to be filled out. The Tracking Process Card is then returned to the Sub Division of Academic and Evaluation with the following attachments: the last student card, receipt of the final semester tuition fee and a certificate of loan-free from the library. Furthermore, the student concerned will get a certificate of moving / leaving UM complete with an attached list of scores or transcripts as long as the student is attending UM. Students who move or leave cannot be accepted back at UM.

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