After being declared to have passed the selection and being accepted as prospective students, each entry or prospective UM student must go through a registration process. Registration is a process to obtain registered status as a UM student by fulfilling predetermined requirements and to obtain the right to permit to attend the desired course of study. Before attending lectures, new students are required to take part in the orientation of the Higher Education Life Introduction (PKPT) activity.

Student Administration Registration. Bachelor and Diploma

New students from undergraduate and diploma programs consist of input from high school, non-senior high school, and transfer. High school input is the majority of new students from the invitation-through National Selection for State Universities (SNMPTN) participants; State Higher Education Entrance Joint Selection (SBMPTN) through written / skills examination; Independent Selection for Academic and Non-Academic Achievements; Computer-Based Self-Selection Test path. To obtain a registered status as a UM student, the accepted participant must do administrative and academic registration following the predetermined path.

The registration process for new undergraduate and diploma student candidates who are declared accepted can be carried out in the following stages: (1) filling out the bio online via and uploading a certificate of parent's income / salary list ; Family Card (KK); and Proof of PBB Payment; (2) pay online tuition fees (UKT) at BRI, BTN, BNI, Mandiri banks; (3) perform administrative registration at the UM campus by submitting the following files: (a) Selection participant identification cards; (b) proof of payment from the Bank; (c) photocopies of diplomas and SKHUN that have been legalized; (d) photocopy of report cards that have been legalized and show the original report cards; (e) photocopy of birth certificate / birth recognition certificate; (f) photocopy of family structure card; (g) a medical examination result letter from the Puskesmas / government doctor stating that the candidate is not color blind for a particular study program; (h) print out online bio data of new UM students; and (i) a UM student statement; and (4) take the alma mater jacket and take pictures for the Student Card. For prospective students who receive Bidik Misi scholarships, must attach: (a) a Poor Family Card (Gakin) or a Certificate of Disability from the Village Head / Lurah; (b) electricity account, (c) telephone account, (d) proof of PBB payment, and (e) willing to be verified at their respective homes as participants of the mission target line.

While the process for implementing old student administrative registration, first must pay tuition fees / UKT through online BNI, BRI, BTN, and Mandiri banks throughout Indonesia for the beginning of each semester according to a predetermined schedule. Students can choose the bank that will be used for payment of tuition fees and can use the payment facility via cashier or ATM. After making a payment, students can make academic registration, which is to fill in KRS online via the internet at according to the predetermined schedule and print KRS. Students can use the hotspot facilities in their respective majors, the Subag Hospital terrace, the Subag AE terrace, and the ICT Center building terrace. Students who do not carry out the registration process, both administrative and academic, are considered on leave from college and must take care of the study leave process. Online KRS filling can be done in accordance with the provisions of the UM academic calendar.

Postgraduate Student Registration

Each prospective Postgraduate student must meet academic and administrative requirements. Academic requirements for prospective students of the Masters program are to have a bachelor's degree in education or non-education and an area with the desired study program, a Bachelor's Grade Point Average (GPA) which is at least equal to or equal to 2.50. While the academic requirements for the desired Doctoral program student candidates, and the minimum GPA of Masters are equal to or equal to 3.00, graduates of the Masters / Masters program are not in the same level with the approval of the Head of the Postgraduate Study Program and meet the separate requirements set by the Postgraduate Director. Graduates from the Bachelor's program in a plot / not in one field and meet other requirements are regulated in separate regulations.

Administrative requirements for new student S2 or S3 programs must fill in the online registration biodata on the page After filling out the biodata and printing the registration bio, the following documents must be attached: (1) photocopy of Bachelor's / S2 diploma and legalized transcripts; (2) photocopy of evidence of written / scientific works that have been participated in the last 3 years; (3) statement of ability to pay tuition fees from the applicant or sponsor; (4) a reference letter of two people regarding the applicant's academic abilities and personality, for prospective doctoral students a recommendation is given by a direct supervisor when carrying out his S2 studies; (5) a health certificate stating that the person concerned is able to attend education (6) two 3 × 4 cm photographs; (7) photocopy of TOEFL certificate or equivalent; (8) receipt of registration fee; and (9) online UM camaba registration participant card.

Applicants who propose the Directorate General of Higher Education's Domestic Postgraduate Program Scholarship (BPP-DN) must attach: (a) Certificate of credit number / academic functional position for lecturers achieved from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education / Ministry of Religion; (b) The latest appointment decree (for civil servant lecturers or appointment decree as permanent foundation lecturers (for private lecturers). Especially for lecturers with non-PNS status, complete with a statement letter for permanent lecturer status from the foundation and not a teacher / or administrative staff; (c) a letter of recommendation to obtain BPP-DN from the Chancellor / Director / Chair of the College where he is assigned and Kopertis for applicants from PTS; (d) Registering online on the website; (e) Evidence of online registration for the BPP-DN scholarship, and (f) Fulfilling the requirements required by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Research and Technology and Higher Education.

The documents for registration of prospective students are submitted to the UM Postgraduate Program, Jl. Semarang 5, Malang 65145. If prospective students have met the specified requirements, then the academic selection process (written test) will be carried out by the new postgraduate admissions team. Based on existing data about prospective students, this team will select new prospective students who are registered based on academic considerations and determined criteria.

The results of the academic selection will be announced publicly on the website, nor in Students who have been accepted are determined by the Chancellor's decision to carry out administrative registration in the Registration and Statistics Subdivision by following the following procedure: (1) Filling in the UM New Student Biodata Form online via; (2) make a single tuition fee payment (UKT) through the designated Bank (BRI, BNI, BTN and Mandiri) (3) verify the data; (4) Submit administrative registration files: (a) Exam Participant Identity Card; (b) Proof of payment from BRI / BTN / BNI / Mandiri banks; (c) Photocopy of S1 and S2 diplomas) that have been legalized (2 sheets); (d) Photocopy of Birth Certificate / Birth Identity Certificate (1 sheet); (e) Photocopy of Family Card (KK) (1 sheet); (f) 3 × 4 and 4 × 6 photographs (2 sheets); (h) A medical examination result (original) letter from the Puskesmas or government doctor; (i) Print out the Biodata of New Students of State University of Malang; (j) State University of Malang Student Statement (SPM) with a stamp duty of Rp. 6,000.00; (k) photocopy of TOEFL certificate or equivalent; (l) Prospective Students must take a photo for the issuance of Student Cards (dressed in a neat shirt / blouse and shoes). (4) participate in OPS activities by receiving explanations and files.

Old Student Registration

At the beginning of each semester UM Postgraduate students who have not graduated and are still continuing their studies, are required to carry out administrative registration in the Registration and Statistics Sub-Section by following the following procedures: (1) students pay tuition fees and Education Administration Costs (BPP) online at the Partner Bank appointed; (2) perform administrative registration in the Sub Division of Registration and Statistics by showing the SKCK (for those who are just leaving college or outside the predetermined schedule); (3) fill in KRS online on the website: according to a predetermined schedule; (4) students who do not register may not take part in lecturing activities and are required to take time off from college

Academic Registration

After new / old students complete the administrative registration process, they are registered as UM students and can do academic registration. Academic registration at Postgraduate includes consulting activities on study plans, course registration, filling and validating KRS, and announcing the results of KRS processing. The academic registration process is as follows: (1) students print the results of filling in KRS online, for final students this blank program is accompanied by a progress report on thesis / dissertation writing; (2) students study the available lecture schedules; (3) consulting students for taking courses with academic advisors and consulting on thesis / dissertation writing with supervisors; (4) students register for courses and fill out KRS online; (5) students consult the KRS filling out with the Academic Advisor lecturers and ask for endorsement from the head of their respective study program; and (6) students submit KRS that has been filled in and validated to the UM Postgraduate Administration Subdivision according to a predetermined schedule.

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