Profile of Head of Academic and Evaluation Subdivision of BAKPIK

Name : Tomy Dwi Susanto, S.Kom
NIP : 197110211999031001
Rank / Class : Administrators Level I, III / d
Religion : Islam
Structural Position : Head of Sub Division of Academic and Evaluation
NPWP : 58.795.307.6-657.000
E-mail :

Job descriptions of the Head of Academic and Evaluation Subdivision BAKPIK

  1. Performing the preparation of the work program of the Subdivision and work program of the Section
  2. Collecting and processing data on educational, research and community service activities
  3. Prepare materials for the preparation of an academic calendar
  4. Carry out processing of graduation teaching diplomas and certificates
  5. Extending the study period and dropping out of academic studies
  6. Carry out research administration and community service carried out by students
  7. Perform lecture and exam administration
  8. Providing services for alumni transcripts, transcripts & replacement diplomas
  9. Performing the administration of lecturer learning assignments
  10. Prepare materials for the graduation
  11. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of academic activities
  12. Perform storage and maintenance of Subdivision documents
  13. Performing the preparation of Subdivision reports and Section reports
  14. Carry out the administration of academic and professional certificates
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