Profile of Head of Sub Division of Registration & Statistics BAKPIK

Name : Djajusman Hadi, S.Sos, M.AB
NIP : 196711171993101001
Rank / Class :
Administrators Level I, III / d
Religion : Islam
Structural Position : Head of Sub Division of Registration and Statistics
E-mail :

Job Description of the Head of Sub Division of Registration & Statistics BAKPIK

  1. Performing the work program of the Subdivision;
  2. Collecting and processing student data;
  3. Prepare guidelines for the implementation of student admission and registration;
  4. Carry out the administration of new student admissions;
  5. Carry out student registration administration;
  6. Prepare student cards, study plan cards (KRS on line), and provide student ID numbers;
  7. Carry out administration over the program;
  8. Perform administration of student leave;
  9. Perform administrative resignation or transfer of new students and process student transfers from outside;
  10. Performing the compilation of student statistics;
  11. Perform storage and maintenance of Subdivision documents;
  12. Performing the preparation of Subdivision reports;
  13. Arranging new student albums;
  14. Perform legalization services for student certificates;
  15. Perform student data services.
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