Judicium is the final assessment of students as a whole on the basis of a grade point average (IP) which is calculated from all predetermined course scores. Students who have completed the study program in accordance with the specified credit load can apply for a final program assessment by filling in the online Study Results and Judiciary List (DHSY). Judicium applications must be submitted no later than the last day of the semester examination according to the academic calendar. The process flow for administering the judiciary is determined as follows.

Preparation phase

Students planning to graduate must register for the graduation and fill out a graduation album biodata and submit it to the diploma affairs in the Academic and Evaluation Subdivision by including: 10 (ten) black and white photographs measuring 3 x 4 cm, photocopies of diplomas and STTB used for enter UM, transcripts that have been legalized, and photocopies of the latest student cards, 2 (two) sheets each. Then the student can take a form of Study Result List and Judicium (DHSY) from the Academic and Evaluation Subdivision to be filled in.

Implementation Stage

Students must submit a completed DHSY blank to the department concerned by attaching photocopies of all Study Result Cards (KHS) that have been approved by the Head of the Academic and Evaluation Subdivision. This file will be sent to the Graduation Committee and Faculty / Department Judiciary. Furthermore, the faculty will send the names of students planning to graduate and the names of the graduation assessment teams and judiciary to the Academic and Evaluation Subdivision. The Judiciary Research Team will check the accuracy of the DHSY recordings. If it turns out that the filling is correct, DHSY will be submitted to the department to get approval from the PA lecturer, the head of the department, the Dean, and then the student concerned will pass. List of graduates which is a Dean's Decree will be sent to the Rector and Head of the Academic and Evaluation Subdivision. After that students can request a Graduation Tracking Process Card (KPPK) to be filled in and submitted back to the diploma affairs of the Education and Evaluation Subdivision attached with the specified requirements for processing. When finished, the student can obtain a temporary pass mark, diploma, and transcript.

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