Profile of Head of Public Relations of BAKPIK

Name : Ifa Nursanti, S. AP
NIP : 197304182001122001
Rank / Class : Administrator, III / c
Religion : Islam
Structural Position : Head of Sub Division of Public Relations
NPWP : 58.792.452.3-657.000
E-mail :,,

Job descriptions of the Head of BAKPIK Public Relations Subdivision

  1. carry out the preparation of the work program of the Subdivision;
  2. collect and present information from work units within the University;
  3. provide information services within the University;
  4. collect and print mass media news clippings related to the University;
  5. conduct an inventory and preparation of news transcripts from electronic media related to the University;
  6. compiling response materials to news published in print and electronic mass media;
  7. collecting, analyzing, and compiling response materials to complaints from the public and community institutions;
  8. conduct publications through print media (leaflets, bulletin, tabloids, newsletters) and electronic (radio, tv, web);
  9. to prepare materials for the implementation of press conferences and teleconferences;
  10. carry out promotional and exhibition affairs inside and outside the University;
  11. evaluate information services and public relations;
  12. perform storage and maintenance of Sub-Section documents;
  13. carry out the preparation of Subdivision reports.
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