The types of scholarships for Diploma program students and undergraduate program students (which are managed by the Student Affairs Section of BAKPIK) consist of scholarships for Academic Achievement (PPA), Bidik Misi, Toyota Astra Foundation, PT. Gudang Garam, PT. Adaro Foundation (A & A Rachmat Foundation), Bank Indonesia Scholarship, CIMB Niaga Scholarship, Djarum Scholarship, Education Affirmation, Bank Rakyat Indonesia Scholarship and National Amil Zakat Board Scholarship.

General requirements for scholarship candidates for Diploma and Bachelor programs; Gudang Garam with minimum cumulative IP of 3.00; Toyota Astra regular minimum GPA of 3.00; PT. Adaro Foundation (A & A Rachmad Foundation) Minimum Cumulative IP 3.00. Several types of scholarships are prioritized for students who are less well off economically and are active in student organization activities; and are not currently receiving scholarships from other sources.

Complete requirements can be asked at the Subag of Student Welfare Services for Student Affairs, BAKPIK UM Graha Rectorate Floor 2, telephone. (0341) 551-312 psw. 1138.

Scholarship registration is done on line once in a fiscal year around January to February of the following year. Selection of scholarship types according to the sponsor's scheduled time. The amount of the scholarship per month is as follows:

1Aim Mission:
a. Cost of living= Rp. 700,000, -
b. Cost of education= Rp. 400,000, -
2Toyota Astra Foundation = Rp. 250,000, -
3PPA= Rp. 400,000, -
4PT. Gudang Garam = Rp. 100,000, -
5PT. Adora Foundation (A & A Rachmat Foundation) = Rp. 650,000, -
6Bank Indonesia Scholarship= Rp. 1,000,000, -
7Djarum Scholarship= Rp. 750,000, -
8Educational Affirmation Scholarship
a. Cost of living= Rp. 1,000,000, -
b. Cost of education= Rp. 400,000, -
9Bank Rakyat Indonesia Scholarship = Rp. 500,000, -
10National Zakat Board Scholarship (BAZNAS) 
a. UKT / Semester= Rp. 4,000,000, -
b. Pocket money= Rp. 400,000, -

Scholarships from sponsors where the requirements and schedule for acceptance depend on the request of the sponsor.

Starting in 2010, UM has provided Bidik Misi Scholarships (BBM) in the form of free tuition fees for college (8 semesters), for S1 and 6 (six) semesters for D3.

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