Details of the main tasks and functions of the AKPIK-UM Bureau:

  1. Prepare BAKPIK program plans and budgets
  2. Organizing coordination meetings and monitoring program activities at BAKPIK (Academic, Student Affairs, Planning, Information, and Cooperation)
  3. Organizing new student admissions
  4. Verifying the manuscript document that will be signed by the UM leadership
  5. Verifying academic and student calendar documents
  6. Verify the diploma and teaching certificate documents
  7. Verifying Educator Certificate documents
  8. Verifying Academic Transcript documents
  9. Verifying graduation book documents
  10. Organizing Cooperation (MoU and PKS)
  11. Manage Scholarships
  12. Organizing UM imaging program
  13. Organizing UM publications (website, print and electronic media)
  14. Analyze the use of academic facilities
  15. Organizing the administration of submitting study program accreditation forms
  16. Facilitating the preparation of the university's annual report
  17. Facilitate the preparation of LAKIP UM reports
  18. Determine BAKPIK performance determination
  19. Prepare promotional material and UM profiles
  20. Determine the holding of a press conference
  21. Organizing PKPT
  22. Organizing Graduation
  23. Organizing TKBI
  24. Facilitating the preparation of UM RBA
  25. Facilitating coaching student activities
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