To fulfill the needs of life, individuals need communication and association which can also be referred to as social life.

The interaction caused by the interaction of three elements of campus community members (students, lecturers, and employees) produces three kinds of relationships. The three forms of association (between relations) include: students with lecturers, students with administrative staff, and students with students. In order to ensure harmony in the campus community, social manners that are based on Pancasila and religious morals need to be upheld. The following will briefly present the three kinds of interactions that occur on campus in general.


Social manners on campus basically refer to the achievement of a smooth teaching-learning process that supports the completion of study programs and the achievement of social situations on campus. These social manners include: Students are present in the lecture hall on time and attend lectures actively and orderly; maintaining a polite sitting posture, for example not placing your feet on the seat and removing your shoes; politely make an agreement with the lecturer in order to complete the tasks that must be worked on by students; and be honest and obey the rules that apply while taking the exam.

Student-Implementing Administration

Lecture activities in addition to involving academic aspects also involve administrative aspects. These administrative activities are all activities that use administrative implementation services, for example registering / recording study programs, recording grades with a computer, and filling out transcripts and diplomas. Given that the completion of these activities is carried out by human resources who have advantages and disadvantages so that it can cause various unwanted problems. To anticipate problems and to achieve a smooth study process, it is expected that students behave in accordance with prevailing manners so that both parties feel satisfied and feel appreciated. Students get the necessary services while administrative staff can provide the best possible service.


In fact, during lecture activities, students communicate a lot and mingle with fellow students both from the same field of study or from different fields of study. In order to avoid unwanted things from happening, as a result of these social contacts, a student must know himself, be sensitive, and tolerate. Manners that need to be considered include: how to dress up, borrow books or items, study together, smoke in student groups, and so on. During the lecture, students should respect each other so that the lecture runs smoothly and orderly by avoiding asking too many questions and being noisy; and if someone borrows a friend's book, it is hoped that the book will be returned in good condition and on time.


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